Entrance to the hotel:

  • Temperature measurement will be carried out with laser thermometers at all hotel entrances.
  • Masks that we have prepared for our guests are available at all our hotel entrances.
  • Automatic disinfection chemicals for hand cleaning are available at all our hotel entrances.
  • Disinfection mats will be placed at all our hotel entrances.
  • Luggage of all our guests will be sterilized by spraying special chemicals at the entrance of the hotel. The sterilized luggage will be delivered directly to the floors with special carts.(For our guests who gave permission for us to do this)
  • Our teams will be there to open the doors for all non-automatic doors within the hotel.
  • The vehicles of our guests, delivered at the entrance of the hotel, will be parked by our bellboy/valet teams who will wear a new pair of sterile gloves while driving each vehicle. Our valets will wipe certain points such as steering the wheel, door handle and keys with disposable anti-bacterial wipes before delivering their vehicles to our guests.


  • Our guests, if they wish to do so, may complete online check-in procedures via Divan Life app before arriving at the hotel.
  • With single-use pens and contactless POSs, check-in registration procedures will be carried out in the fastest way possible and their personal keys are delivered to the guests untouched. A special box is created for the keys that the guests will return at the exit, and they will be separated and sent to disinfection.
  • There are specially designed plexiglass screens between the guest and the receptionist.
  • Our reception desks have automatic antiseptic solutions.
  • The sterilized suitcases and other belongings will be delivered directly to the guest's room.
  • During check-in, all of our guests will be asked whether they would like us to enter their rooms while they are in there or proceed with routine cleaning and renewal processes so that the personal spaces of our guests will only be entered in line with their knowledge and consent.

Common Areas

  • All of our Lobbies and common areas are rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule.
  • There are automatic hand disinfectants in all common areas that are open to our guests and in areas that they can easily reach.
  • Elevator keys, door handles, stair handrails that our guests can contact are cleaned regularly with special chemicals every 30 minutes. The elevator buttons and door handles on the room floors are constantly disinfected by our respective floor attendants.
  • Our ventilation systems are supplied with fresh air intake from outside and the maintenance of the devices of the said systems are carried out by authorized companies.
  • All common WCs are disinfected every 30 minutes with special chemicals.
  • Disposable towel system is used in all common area WCs.
  • All written and visual information showing how our guests should act against Covid -19 in common areas are placed in the relevant areas of our hotels.
  • No more than 2 guests will be accepted in the common area WCs at the same time.

Food & Beverage Units:

  • The seating arrangements in each of our hotels' restaurants, bars, patisseries and meeting rooms have been rearranged in accordance with the - social distance - rule. (1.5 m between tables, chair spacing 60 cm.)
  • All our food & beverage serving teams will use masks and gloves.
  • Despite being pre-sterilized, from the moment you sit at a table in any unit, the tables will be cleaned with sterilization materials again in front of our guests.
  • No ready-made table settings will be left on the tables; when each of our guests sits, napkins, forks, knives and disposable seasoning sets are served to the table in sealed boxes so that they can use it themselves for the first time.
  • Instead of the breakfast used to be served as an open buffet in our hotels, an à la carte breakfast practice, which will be prepared and served separately for each of our guests, has been implemented.
  • In addition to 3 different breakfast options, the desired hot foods are also prepared and served personally.
  • The production processes are carried out in accordance with the HACCP rules in the kitchens of all our hotels, and all of our kitchen staff present at the service points will complete their preparations with masks and disposable gloves.
  • Our dishwashers will be disinfected with special chemicals after each washing and begin the next process thereafter.
  • Washing water temperature in the dishwashers will be minimum 60°C and rinsing temperature will be 80°C.
  • All our guests staying with breakfasts included will be able to receive their breakfasts in their room free of charge from room service if they wish to do so.
  • A QR code application has been implemented for our guests to view the menu without contact for all a la carte orders. With this application, our guests will be able to place an order by scanning the QR code displayed to them with their personal phone.
  • In addition, disposable A3 service papers will be placed on all tables and the fabric covers used as table mats will be removed. On these papers, our guests will also be able to see the menu in print and the QR code, where they can access all the details if desired.
  • There will be special lids on all the beverages that can be served with glasses.
  • In addition, our crudités type treats will be served in packaged or sealed containers.
  • All types of spices and sugar will be served in disposable dose packs.
  • One of our colleagues appointed as a cashier for check payments will only carry out the collection tasks and will wipe the POS devices with special antibacterial wipes after each transaction. Our other service teams will not be engaged in payment-collection matters.
  • Instead of leather pads used for checks and invoices, disposable recycled mini paper envelopes will be used.

Room accommodation:

  • All printed materials and ornaments and decoration materials in our rooms have been removed from the rooms.
  • All our housekeeping teams clean the rooms with masks, glasses and special clothes. New sets are used for each room cleaning.
  • All textile groups (towels, bathrobes, pillow cases, covers, duvets, bed sheets, etc.) in our rooms are being subjected to special disinfection cleaning after our guests exit. All textiles are delivered to laundry rooms in separate bags for each room to fight against any possible contamination.
  • Our pillows and quilts are covered internally with special protective covers (mattress) to establish a protection against Covid droplets.
  • Our beds are cleaned with a special antibacterial cleaning application called “Bed bug”.
  • All our rooms are being ventilated for long periods of time by leaving the windows open during each cleaning.
  • Apart from routine cleaning, telephone, tv controller, air conditioning control unit, handles of in-room furniture, shelves where towels are hung, table and coffee table surfaces, hair dryers, and hangers inside the cabinets are carefully sterilized one by one.
  • Our air conditioning systems in the room will be cleaned outside the scope of the routine cleaning and will be disinfected against possible contamination risks.

SPA - Health Club ve Yüzme havuzları:

  • The equipment in the fitness rooms has been rearranged in accordance with the social distance rule.
  • Changing cabinets are arranged as well according to the social distance, and the cabinet spacing will be 1.5 m.
  • Towels, loincloth etc. materials will be given to each guest in closed bags.
  • All textile materials will be isolated in separate bags after each use and delivered to laundry units.
  • All the devices and related sports equipment will be sterilized individually after each guest use.
  • Services such as Turkish bath, steam bath and sauna will be closed for cleaning and sanitation for 15 minutes after every 45 minutes of use. New guests will only be accepted after cleaning is done.
  • The capacity in Turkish baths, pools and massage parlors will be limited according to the social distance limitation and collective use at the same time will not be allowed.
  • Chlorine levels in pools will be conditioned between 1.5 - 3 ppm.
  • Disposable materials will be used in the massage rooms as much as possible. Masseurs or masseuses will definitely wear masks, face shields and gloves while carrying out their duties.
  • Sunbeds will be arranged by leaving 1.5 meters of distance between groups of 2 sunbeds.

Infirmary / Occupational Physician / Healthcare Personnel:

Considering the intensity and capacity, it is planned to assign a healthcare personnel who can continuously supervise in our hotels if needed within the pandemic period.

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