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Sometimes a coffee, sometimes a chocolate added to life with a taste. A witness to your moments, memories, celebrations that left your mark on life. A taste master who started in Istanbul, has no boundaries over the years but has always been ”us”. Divan has been in life for 60 years!
First patisserie opened in Elmadag Divan Hotel Istanbul and later in Sütlüce. Production facility continued as sweet adventure that, in 2003, moved to Umraniye. In January 2015, the company moved to a new production facility of 15,000 square meters. Divan patisseries delicious flavors are produced with the help of high-tech production machines and the efforts of the skilled hands.
We continue to create special experiences for our customers with our innovative and special chocolate recipes which have been preserved since the first day, our unique products, each produced with unique recipes, and boutique cakes. With many flavors such as Rokoko, boutique cakes, handmade chocolates prepared by masterful hands, princess almonds, pancake lace, leaf mint, each of which has become a Divan Classic. Divan continues to carry the excitement and passion of the first day to the place where happiness is today.

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