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Divan Group, a part of the Koç Group, and a hallmark in the Turkish hospitality industry, has given life to a new investment in the Southeastern Anatolia region. The late Mustafa V. Koç broke ground for Divan Cizre in the Şırnak province in 2014, and now the hotel has opened its doors. Richard Appelbaum, CEO, Divan Group, said, “We envision that the Divan Cizre investment will bring dynamism to the region and introduce new standards in the hotel industry. The Divan Cizre Hotel will also contribute significantly to the employment in the region.”

 Divan Cizre Hotel, operated by the Divan Group, a Koç Group brand in the tourism industry, and built with a total investment cost of $18 million by Limçağ Turizm ve Otelcilik, started welcoming its guests. With a total capacity of 285 beds, Divan Cizre is the first 5-star hotel in the region.

 The hotel will bring new standards to the hotel industry in the region

Speaking about the hotel opening in Cizre, Şırnak, Divan Group CEO Richard Appelbaum said: “We at Divan Group are proud and happy to launch the fruit of this cooperation, the foundations of which were laid in 2014 by the late Mustafa V. Koç, former Koç Holding Chairman, who believed in and supported this project. Divan Group has been a pioneer of investments in the Turkish tourism industry with many firsts to its name. And despite the challenges that both the industry and region are currently facing, with Divan Cizre we are aiming to contribute to the tourism in the region and also to the economy by creating employment. We are confident that this project will bring new standards to the hotel industry in the region and further strengthen the tourism industry.”

 Divan Cizre Hotel will open the doors of tourism in the region

Süleyman Çağlı, Chairman of Limçağ, the investor of Divan Cizre, and the Cizre Chamber of Industry and Commerce President, provided the following information: “Divan Cizre is the first 5-star hotel in our region, and an important project that will enhance business volume in the region both in commerce and tourism, and create employment. Despite the trying times in our region, we have successfully completed the project, for which we broke ground under the leadership of the late Mustafa V. Koç, and continued at full speed with the support of the Divan Group. We believe that every initiative undertaken in such challenging times will add value not only to our city, but also the region and the country. Divan Cizre will be a great example and symbol of such initiatives. We are hoping to improve culture tourism in Cizre with its historic beauty, and introduce the people of Turkey to the heritage of our city. With the launch of Divan Hotel in Cizre, the doors of tourism in the region will open as well.” 

Divan privilege with views of the River Tigris and Pira Bafit Bridge

Located at a distance of 17 km to the airport, 3 km to Cizre town center, and built on a total land of 7500 sqm situated between the Silk Road and River Tigris, the Divan Cizre Hotel was designed by Architect Atilla Kangüleç, M.A., a partner of Simart Yapı. The architectural design of the hotel allows all rooms of the hotel to benefit from views of the River Tigris, while the rooms looking to the south and southeast also enjoy views of the historic Pira Bafit Bridge. Offering all the comfort and standards of a 5-star hotel, the Divan Cizre features 132 rooms with 285 beds in total. The hotel also has 5 conference rooms, a 410-people capacity ballroom and foyer, Divan Pub, Café Divan, Roof 6 by Divan, and an open terrace – event venue with 900-people capacity, indoor car park, and outdoor pool to ensure that guests enjoy all the privileges of Divan hospitality. The hotel is located at the crossroads of Cizre, Mardin, Midyat, Şırnak and Habur motorways, declared a logistical hub in the region.

Divan Bodrum Welcomes Guests After Renovation - 02.05.2018

Renovated with a new style inspired by the Aegean coast, Divan Bodrum welcomes summer. With a unique location, azure blue sea and a boutique-hotel chic and comfort, Divan Bodrum promises a vacation in which guests take a break from the luxury of the city. Aside from being a summer holiday destination, the hotel will also host weddings and special organizations, while extending Divan quality experience beyond the premises.


Located on one of the matchless bays of Göltürkbükü where the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean mix, Divan Bodrum is set to offer an impeccable, unforgettable experience for guests with a renewed concept, just like it does every year. Welcoming guests at the lobby area, promising the most enjoyable moments of their holiday, Divan Bodrum offers a delightful vacation for families with children on a special beach at the foot of cool Aegean waters. Divan Bodrum also stands out with a special-design area for guests who prefer to spend the day by the pool side.


Hosting guests in rooms dominated by the colors of Bodrum wilderness, Divan Bodrum promises a comfortable accommodation for those who want to unwind away from the city. Guests may entertain themselves with the swimming pool on summer beds under palm trees, while enjoying the rich flavors of the poolside menu.


Fresh flavors on the renewed menu of İskele Restaurant give various options to those who prefer light diets on hot summer days. All day long, the Sahil Bar serves light and thirst-quenching smoothies for those who want to refresh under the sun. Guests also enjoy an afternoon tea with unique flavors of Divan Patisserie.


With the magnificent ambience of İskele Restoran in Divan Bodrum, lunch and dinner turn into a feast. The menu offers newly-added alternatives to spice up hot summer days: Grilled Artichoke and “Tuscany panzanella salad” served with Burrata cheese; “Grilled Baby Calamari” served with arugula, roasted pepper, garlic, fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar; “Forest Mushroom Ravioli” served with pesto sauce and arugula; “Escalope of Veal Sandwich” seasoned with molten cheddar cheese, roasted bell peppers and arugula; “Slow-Cooked Veal Rib” served with roasted baby potatoes and sautéed spinach and “Artichoke Pizza” seasoned with the harmony of Gorgonzola Cheese and arugula.

Divan Ankara & Çukurhan 23 Nisan


Divan Çukurhan ve Divan Ankara 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı’nı çocuklarıyla birlikte tatil fırsatına çevirmek isteyenlere Anıtkabir’e ulaşım ve Rahmi Koç Müzesi’ne ücretsiz giriş avantajlarının yer aldığı bir program sunuyor.

Ankara’nın vazgeçilmez adreslerinden biri olan Divan Çukurhan, 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı’na özel hazırladığı pakette, Anıtkabir’e ücretsiz tek yön ulaşım hizmeti ve Rahmi Koç Müzesi’ne ücretsiz giriş avantajıyla çocuklara unutulmaz bir bayram vadediyor. 21-22-23 Nisan tarihlerinde tek ve çift kişilik odalarda, 359 TL’den başlayan fiyatlarla konaklama fırsatı sunan Divan Çukurhan, bu odalarda konaklayan misafirlerin 0-14 yaş arası çocuklarından birini ücretsiz olarak ağırlıyor. 

Divan Çukurhan, 22 Nisan Pazar günü ise çocukları ve ailelerini Anadolu lezzetlerinin servis edildiği kahvaltıda buluşturuyor. Otel misafirleri dışında özel kahvaltıya katılmak isteyenler için ise kişi başı fiyat 69 TL.

Divan Ankara Çocukları

21-22-23 Nisan tarihlerinde çift kişilik konaklamalarda açık büfe kahvaltı dahil 265 TL konaklama fırsatı sunan Divan Ankara, bu odalarda konaklayan misafirlerinin beraberindeki bir çocuğu ücretsiz ağırlıyor. 23 Nisan günü Divan Pub’da %10 indirim fırsatı sunulurken eşsiz lezzetlerden oluşan özel menü çocuklarla buluşuyor. 



Divan Mersin, 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı’nı çocuklarıyla birlikte tatil tadında geçirmek isteyenlere eğlenceli etkinlikler sunuyor.

Divan Mersin, 23 Nisan Pazartesi günü misafirlerini çocuklarıyla birlikte ağırlıyor. 14:00 – 16:00 saatleri arasında Balo salonunda çocuk tiyatrosu ile farklı bir deneyim sunacak olan Divan Mersin aileleri keyifli atmosferde birbirinden çeşitli lezzetlerle buluşturuyor.