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As We Begin Our Second Half-Century

Since its founding in 1956, Divan Group has played a pioneering role in Turkish tourism, hospitality and food and beverage industries. Divan Group's strength comes from exclusive products and a commitment to superior service, combined with unswerving dedication to trust, reliability and the highest levels of professionalism, a commitment that has earned the group a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Divan, while remaining true its core values, has successfully reinvented itself in accordance with the demands of today's fast-paced world.

Divan was the first hotel brand in Turkey to earn ISO 9001 Quality Certification. From its founding to the present day, Divan has maintained the highest standards at all its properties, matched by flawless service, an innovative approach to production and hospitality, and a unique philosophy of customer satisfaction that over the course of half a century have become a tradition of unrivalled service. Today, in Turkey's leading cities and in strategic countries around the world, Divan offers its guests world-class accommodations and service blended with traditional Turkish hospitality. Divan brand is a rapidly growing player in the hospitality industry, and all of its properties, whether owned or managed, are operated in strict accordance with Divan's demanding standards of excellence. Within this conceptual framework, Divan has chosen to focus on markets that are integrally linked to Turkey both culturally and economically. Backed by the support and momentum of the companies of the Koç Group, Turkey's largest conglomerate, Divan has developed a road map to grow and position itself in various markets around the world. Divan is proof that success and a well-deserved reputation for excellence are not earned by chance.

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