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Divan Group


Undoubtedly, the starting point of Divan Group is Divan Istanbul. The name of the hotel, which is an important value for Divan Group and which was built with ıoo% Turkish labor and capital, was specified as “Divan” as a result of a competition that was organized among the notable men of letters and artists of those years. “Divan“ name proposed by the art critic Fikret Adil and journalist Ömer Sami Coşar and accepted by the jury, has been identified with quality over the years and has become an international brand founded with the opening of Divan Istanbul in 1956, Divan Group is among the most important brands of Koç Holding.

Divan Group has a firm position among the established brands of Turkey and owns II luxury hotels , two of which are located abroad Divan Hotels in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Tekirdag, Mugla, Erbil and Baku have brought a new definition to the quality and luxury concepts in the hospitality industry and they are theflagship of the group.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Divan is its hotels, there are also important individual brands within Divan which operate in different service industries. Divan Group hosts its visitors with the unique menus prepared by its talented chef in independent and luxury restaurants across all Turkey, 3 banquet centers, and 2 stadium operations.

One of the important brands within Divan Group is Divan Patisserie . Divan Patisseries have the leading position in the luxury chocolate and boutique patisserie concept in Turkey and their gourmet products offer unique tastes to the guests. Divan Patisseries offer their unique tastes in ıpoints inlstanbzd,3 points inAııkara andıpoint in Bursa. Divan Group continues to grow in bakery industry as well. It has a wide product range from rich types of bread tosweet and salty snack foods and from delicious sandwiches to small pizzas. It offers service in ‘ points within all Macrocenter markets and some Migros markets, in addition to different points in Istanbul under the brand name “in Bakery by Divan”.

Another breakthrough for Divan Group is the residences. There are three residence projects in Istanbul and Gaziantep. The group, which will reflect the quality of Divan in the residences as well is highly ambitious about this subject.

Since its foundation, Divan Group has always been among the most important representatives of the concept of quality. One of the first definitions dial comes to mind when talking about Divan is quality and the other is luxury. Both definitions match up with the service of Divan.

Divan Group keeps growing by maintaining its quality level, and isamong the most important brands ofnot only Koç Holding but also Turkey. Divan Group displays its service quality in its hotels, restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, banquet centers and stadium operations. Through the years ahead, it will increase its number of employees and service points with the growth movements. Divan Group continues working with the aim of making Divan quality accessible by more and more people.

Divan equals quality...

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