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Career & Job Opportunities

Divan Istanbul, founded in 1956, is considered as the beginning of modern Turkish tourism. Divan continued to be a leading brand in lodging and catering sectors with its enthusiastic investments and innovations since then. It's a privilege to be at Divan and be a part of Divan.

You may see vacant positions within Divan Group on our corporate pages at Kariyer.Net and


Joining Divan means joining the Koç family. The Koç Group offers many vested benefits and abundant career opportunities to employees in the group companies. All career opportunities are regularly announced within the Koç Group and priority is given to in-house applicants. Many exciting privileges such as the Koç Foundation Retirement Program, KoçAilem Card, Most Successful Koç Employees Contest, flexible vested benefits are awaiting you at Divan.


In Divan, we all approach each other with the same respect and interest that we show to Divan customers. The happiness of Divan employees is measured every year by Employee Engagement Surveys conducted by independent institutions. According to these surveys, family spirit and close communication among our employees at all levels are among the strongest aspects of Divan culture. Our Founder, Vehbi Koç's saying 'Our employees are our greatest source of value' is the cornerstone of our culture.


Career opportunities are awaiting you in various fields, cities and countries with 17 hotels, 3 residences, 23 patisseries, 43 "in bakery" bakeries, 13 restaurants, 3 stadium operations,  Zorlu Center Eataly operation and Turkey's highest quality production facilities. Any business opportunities created in Divan's various units and locations are announced to all Divan employees via the Intranet and in-house applicants are given priority.  The synergy created by working in various sectors is a driving force in  growth of Divan as well as development of our employees.


Since 1956, Divan has been the most distinguished school in the industry. On your first day at Divan, an experienced guide will be assigned to you. Throughout your career, you will receive training from the best educational institutions and masters of business. In addition to development opportunities provided by Divan,  development opportunities provided by Koç Academy and Koç Group will always be with you.


A career in eye-catching and pleasant workplaces is awaiting you. Divan hotels, patisseries, restaurants, "In Bakery" bakeries are places created with passion for excellence. You will have a colorful and enjoyable career journey in these places, where our customers have peace and joy. Acquiring an exclusive catering and life culture at the same time, you will make a difference in every aspect of your life.