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Divan Cizre Address and Map

Map and Location

Konak Mah. Silopi Cad. No: 234 Cizre -Şırnak

Phone: +90 (486) 214 1600
Fax: +90 (486) 214 1699


Divan Cizre

General Information

As the city's first and only five-star hotel, Divan Cizre is located in the centre of Cizre along the Silk Road, for centuries the world's most important commercial artery, and on the banks of the Tigris River, which gives life to the region. The Şırnak Şerafettin Elçi Airport is only 18 kilometres (11 miles) from Divan Cizre and can be reached in just 15 minutes.

Surrounding Area

With a history stretching thousands of years into the past, the city of Cizre on the banks of the Tigris has been the home of countless empires, kingdoms and civilizations. According to Islamic belief, Cizre has a unique distinction as the place where Noah chose to live following the Great Flood, after the Ark landed on Mount Judi -itself in the vicinity of Cizre. Thus, in a sense, Cizre can be seen as where human life began anew. The fact that the perimeter described by city's ancient walls resembles a ship lends credence to this belief. Although few of the ancient walls have survived, Belek Bastion is one of the portions to remain intact today, and sections of the walls are currently being restored.
One can visit Noah's Monumental Tomb in the lower story of the mosque that bears his name. Yet another of the famous tombs in the area is the site where the love story of Mem and Zin met its tragic end. Discover the classic story of the ill-fated lovers Mem and Zin when you visit their eponymous tomb as well the grave of Bekir, who thwarted their love. In the story, Zin compares her love for Mem to a rose, while comparing Bekir to a thorn that protects the rose. This story, which has been translated dozens of languages, was immortalised by the author Ahmad Khani in the 17th century.
Explore the historical and cultural richness of Cizre by visiting the Hamidiye Barraks on the shores of the Dicle River, or taking in the beauty of the Red Madrassah built out of red bricks in a style unique to this region of the world, or by discovering the Great Mosque of Cizre whose massive bronze doors feature handles bearing a design with two dragons, now the unofficial emblems of the city itself. Thanks to the archaeological restorations undertaken during the 2000s, the city of Cizre has developed into a destination offering the visitor a glimpse into a vast span of human history unrivalled anywhere else.

Nearby Points of Interest

Divan Cizre Hotel, Turkey

The Historic Hamidiye Barracks

The Hamidiye Regimental Barracks were constructed by the Regimental Commander Mustafa Pasha in 1897 during the reign of the Ottoman Emperor Abdulhamid II. The three-story building, constructed by master masons from Cizre and Midyatlı, is built of white limestone, and its most noteworthy features are the symmetry of its facade, the sharp-cornered the design that gives the building an imposing appearance and elegant stairs which give access to an arched doorway. Featuring Seljuk architectural elements, restorations to protect these unique barracks on the shores of the Tigris River were begun in 2013.