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All Day Dining at Divan Mersin Hotel

Dining in Divan Mersin

Divan Mersin brings you a rich range of food and beverage options that live up to Mersin's reputation in Turkey and internationally as a city with a unique and exotic culinary tradition. Featuring both indoor and open-air all day dining, at Divan Pub and Terrace Bar & Lounge we invite you to be our guest for moments that will enrich your Mersin experience, whether that be a relaxing drink overlooking the city from on high or a lovingly prepared gourmet meal that will that will give the whole night a unique flavour.

divan patisserie mersin madlen
divan patisserie mersin pistachio 
divan chocolate
divan patisserie mersin turkish delight

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Open for: Desserts, Snacks

P: +90 324 356 1100


To enjoy the sweetest moments of your stay at the Divan Mersin, take some time out at Divan Patisserie Corner and discover a fifty-year tradition of confectionery excellence. Divan Patisserie, Turkey's original boutique patisserie, brings you delicious flavours that will add a sweet touch to your Mersin experience. If you would like to take your loved ones an elegantly tasteful surprise from your trip, don't forget to take a look at Divan Patisserie Corner’s gourmet chocolates.