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From intimate to elaborate, Divan is Turkey's wedding expert, offering the most beautiful locations and the most elegant venues. At Divan, we are honoured to be able to share the joy and excitement of your wedding with you, and we are committed to ensuring that your wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. Our experienced wedding professionals help you select the options that are just right for you from a diverse collection ranging from the classic to the exotic, so that you can express yourself and make yours a wedding to remember. And from the first day all the way until that special day, our dedicated Divan staff will be there to assist you and make sure everything is perfect...

Hotel - Venue

Number of

Largest Meeting

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Divan Kuruçeşme - 960m2
Faruk Ilgaz Meeting & Banquet Center - 784 m2
Divan Istanbul Hotel 191 343m2
Divan Istanbul Asia Hotel 231 765m2
Divan Istanbul City Hotel 144 135m2
Divan Ankara Hotel 83 169m2
Divan Antalya Hotel 204 2100m2
Divan Bodrum Hotel 60 85m2
Divan Bursa Hotel 105 250m2
Divan Çorlu Hotel 120 196m2
Divan Çukurhan Hotel 19 40m2
Divan Gaziantep 6 1,190m2
Divan Suites Gaziantep 4 250m2
Divan Erbil 227 77,5m2
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