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Gulan Street, Erbil, Iraq
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Divan Erbil



A towering addition to the Divan Group’s collection of fine hotels, Divan Erbil brings innovative style and state-of–the-art luxury to the heart of the world's longest inhabited city, Erbil, Iraq. As the most visually striking modern structure in Erbil, and a local landmark, the Divan Erbil incorporates the latest in leisure and business technology, luxury accommodations and amenities, redefining the Business Hotel from the ground up to its 24 storeys. Innovative design elements and elegant décor make for a superior guest experience. Expansive walls of glass are flooded with the abundant Iraqi sun and afford dramatic views of the city and nearby park both day and night.

From handsome marble floors in shades of mocha, cream and bronze to brass-lined columns illuminated by a crystal chandelier sparkling above the circular lobby, to carefully selected works of sculpture, fine art and antiques, tasteful classic design is combined with contemporary elements throughout the hotel. Set in an oasis of pools, fountains and olive trees, with its well-groomed gardens, the Divan Erbil resembles a modern interpretation of an emir’s palace. With 227 guest rooms and parking for 200 cars, ten meeting rooms, five restaurants, four up-scale boutiques, a lounge and bar, the Divan Erbil provides an unmatched venue for business travellers to meet and work, dine in style, be entertained, and relax.


The Divan Erbil is located on the fashionable and quiet Gulan Street, and encompasses 43,000 square metres (462,700 sq. ft.) of landscaped grounds that create an atmosphere of complete peace and security. The hotel is only 10 minutes by car from both the airport and the heart of Erbil, and faces the tranquil and lush gardens of the largest park in Iraq. The historical and cultural sites that define Erbil, as well as its most important business, government and commercial addresses, are within minutes of the hotel. The Divan Erbil's convenient location is just close enough to the centre of things to feel connected, yet removed enough from the bustle of the city to feel serene and secure. Whether closing a deal or opening your eyes to the splendours of ancient archaeological sites and natural treasures, the Divan Erbil holds the key to a fulfilling and relaxing stay.

Local Area

Erbil is located in Iraq, and is the fourth largest city in the country as well as the capital of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region. Erbil is a city of stunning mosques, historic structures, modern buildings and rapid development. Continuously inhabited for 6,000 years, its long history encompasses several civilisations, including the Third Dynasty of Ur and the Assyrian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman empires. It is home to the world's oldest citadel and many large and attractive parks. An international mix of businessmen and investors are drawn to the outstanding opportunities that this thriving economy, often described as a budding Dubai, offers in oil and gas, as well as construction and infrastructure. The superior accommodations and service at the Divan Erbil make it the prime choice for the discerning guest, whether for leisure or business, to enjoying all that Erbil has to offer.

Nearby Attractions

  • Directly across Gulan Street from the Divan Erbil lies Sami Abdul-Rahman Park. The largest park in Iraq, its placid lake and fragrant rose gardens charm locals and visitors alike. Spend an afternoon leisurely strolling its tree-lined lanes and lush gardens. Savour the delights of a tamarind sorbet on the terrace of a lagoon-side cafe, or just enjoy a moment of quiet on a park bench.

  • The Erbil Citadel, the oldest citadel in the world, features colourful markets and inspiring antique architecture, much of it well preserved and adorned with beautiful blue arabesque designs. Visit the Citadel and be transported via its winding streets to a bygone era, where street merchants sell the same kind of pottery their ancestors sold at the time of the Arabian Nights. From the heights of the citadel, you can enjoy sweeping panoramas of green parks, the onion domes of mosques, and government buildings in modern Erbil.

  • The Kurdish Textile Museum, also located within the walls of the Citadel, is the best place to discover the rainbow finery of this colourful tradition, as well as admire the charming historic building in which it is housed.

  • Hawler Park, just ten minutes from the hotel, is located in the heart of downtown Erbil. A pleasant, modern reinterpretation of the old Souk market at the Citadel, its cafes and shops line long arcades facing impressive fountains in the broad central plaza.
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