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Divan Bursa

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Ataturk's House Museum

This villa commissioned by Colonel Mehmet Bey to be built on Cekirge Street at the end of the 19 century was purchased by Hasan Sami Bey, the Mayor of Bursa at the time, to serve as the residence of Ataturk during his visit to Bursa, and was given to him as a present in 1923.

Archeological Museum

Works that are discovered in Bithynia and Mysia, covering the period between 800 B.C.an the end of the Byzantine Era are exhibited in the Archeological Museum as well as works of other cultures in Anatolia. The most significant exhibits in the museum are the fossils dating from 15 million years ago.

Museum of the 17. Century Ottoman House

A mansion of Sultan Murat II was present.Today’s house bears the style of the 17th century interms of house plan and adornments and it is one ofthe oldest and most beautiful houses remained today.

Mudanya Armistice House Museum

Building which has hosted truce parley for the Mudanya Armistice signed by between the Turkish Government and the Allied Forced on 11 October 1922, serves as Mudanya Armistice House Museum since 1937.

Şemaki House Museum

The building was built in 18th century, by Şemaki family who came from Şemah district of Iran and settled to Anatolia.

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art

Visiting hours of the museum

08:00 - 12:00 / 13:00 - 17:00

Everyday except Mondays

İznik Museum

The building that has been constructed as a kitchen for the poor was a philanthropic institution where meal was given for the poor everyday. In the Republic Term, it has been used as a depot by making the necessary modifications and has been opened to service in 1960 as a museum. Building is one of the most beautiful samples of the Ottoman architecture.

Bursa Forestry Museum

There are more approximately 2.000 objects exhibited in the museum including especially animal andplant fossils, devices of communication and forestengineering, maps and photographs, and documentsconcerning history of forestry.

Hünkar Pavillion

It was built for hunting in 1859 as a hunting lodge for Sultan was Abdülmecit. Atatürk, apart from his official meetings, stayed in this mansion, for four times for a short time.

Karagoz and Hacivat Museum

Karagöz and Hacivat is on concrete platform on a wide screen to a symbolic relief of sculptures made from tiles. Being Turkey’s only Karagöz museum, Karagöz shows are performed regularly. Karagöz figures from the private collection of Çelikkol Şinasi with traditional puppet and shadow play figures.

İnegöl City Museum

Presenting its visitors the 7000 years history of Bursa. Within this wide historical range the history and geography of Bursa, its commercial, social, and cultural values are presented in a  systematic presentation via visuals, objects and animations.

Hagia Sophia Church of Iznik

The historical Hagia Sophia Church of Iznik was constructed  by the Byzantine on the Gymnasium  of the Romans. According to the experts, this historical building continues different construction materials  of different periods and also traces of different architectural styles. This holy place, which serves as a museum, is an important place also that has been considered sacred for the Christians because the Orthodox Consule of 787 was gathered in here.

Hüsnü ZüberHouse Museum

The 19th century Ottoman house, served first as a State Hostel and then as a Russian Consulate. It was restorated by Hüsnü Züber. In the museum, the yakma-daglama (a method of wood engraving and  processing) collection of the artist Hüsnü Züber is exhibited as well.

Press Museum

Visualizing the development of Bursa press and printing business within the historical process through the objects. Besides the museum there are many facilities from a library, a hall for conference, concert, theater and ballet activities, food and beverage units and ready made clothing to entertainment.

Tofaş Anatolian Carriges Museum

The old cars used in Anatolia are being exhibited in this museum. The story of a development from the double-horsed Bursa carriage to the modern cars of today, is told in the museum.

Uluumay Ottoman Folk Clothing and Jewellery Museum

the Ottoman clothes and jewelry of the Esat Uluumay  which have no other example in our country, have been exhibited. There are 79 clothes and 400 pieces of ethnographic jewelry exhibited in the museum. In the first ethnographical museum of Bursa, goods such as socks, collections composed of photographs or copper  belongings, of which Esat Uluumay couldn´t find a proper time to exhibit, are occasionally exhibited.

Bursa Health Museum

The ancient medical tools and equipment that doctors of Bursa have used, are exhibited in glass showcases places on the halls and corridors.

Celal Bayar Museum

A library and a museum. Besides the tombs of Celal Bayar, there are photographs of his on duty period, memoirs, paintings, various  documents, medalsand plates in the museum.


Cumalikizik located on the northern skirts of Uludag was established to provide logistic support just before the conquer of Bursa. It has preserved not only its historical texture but the traditional lifestyle up to this date as well.

The Great Mosque

Ulu Camii is the major mosque of Bursa and a landmark of early Ottoman architecture.

Green Tomb

The mausoleum of Mehmed I, known as Yesil Türbe (Green Tomb) was built by his son and successor Murad II following the death of the sovereign in 1421. The architect is Haci Ivaz Pasa, who also designed the mosque.


Uludağ is the highest mountain of the Marmara region.

Bursa Kapalı Çarşı

Historical Bazaar of Turkey.


Unique silk bazaar.

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