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The popular travel planning web site TripAdvisor with over 50 million visitors announced the results of Turkey’s 2012 Trendiest and the Most Modern hotels awards, voted by independent travelers. From 25 hotels, Divan Ankara takes 11th place and also has been chosen as the trendiest and the most modern hotel of Turkey’s capital, Ankara.

Press Releases


As of February 2011, Marcos Bekhit is appointed as the CEO of Divan Group. Bekhit held several positions from F&B Director to General Manager until 1995 under various reputable brands including Four Seasons. In 1995, he was transferred as the General Manager to open Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet.

Press Releases


Divan Group, is targeting the international competition... As being Turkey's "ecolé" of hotel management, Divan Group signed an agreement with "Preferred Hotel Group"- soft branding membership regarding all hotels. By this soft branding, Divan Group empowers itself in the international arena.


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